Zetra group Sittard

Just in time deliveries thanks to EDI

As a total provider in Value Added Logistics, it is essential for Zetra Group Sittard that the just-in-time (JIT) deliveries go smoothly. As soon as Zetra / TWMC can not deliver, the production at their biggest customer, VDL NedCar / BMW is stopped. It is therefore essential that the EDI connection with VDL NedCar works flawlessly and without malfunctions. Zetra / TWMC has been relying on the EDI expertise and products of OMS International for already years in this company’s critical process.

Development of Zetra

Zetra is a family based company that started as a garage (Bema). The company grew quickly into a logistics service provider. In 1985 Zetra Transport already had 65 trucks. Volvo Cars (now VDL NedCar) has been an important customer for Zetra since the late 70’s. Volvo has implemented several efficiency improvements in its logistic processes, including a reduction of stocklevels. That is the reason Zetra added warehousing as a strategic activity in 1987. In the same period the logistics sector was under pressure. At the same time NedCar, formerly Volvo, wanted to outsource the assembly of tires and rims. NedCar approached Zetra to set up a production line (TWMC) for this purpose. The transport department was then divested and the 90’s were marked by Value Added Logistics. Zetra Group Sittard developed into a total service provider that they are still today.

EDI as requirement

The developments followed up quickly. With the outsourcing of the assembly, EDI became a requirement from NedCar. NedCar sends a digital order (Call OFF) to Zetra / TWMC, after which the wheels have to be delivered to NedCar within 4 hours. Thanks to the use of EDI, Zetra / TWMC can deliver the correct tire – rim combination to the assembly line at the right time.

OMS as partner

Zetra has selected OMS International as partner because of its flexibility and short communication lines. The solutions used, Xlate and ODEX , are reliable and stable. After receiving the call-off data via EDI, the right tires must be delivered in the right quantity and at the right time, otherwise the production will stop at NedCar. The on-demand production process and traceability (in connection with possible re-calls) is an important part of the logistics EDI process.

Darwin as a solution

In 2016, Darwin as a stand-alone EDI solution was added to the already existing EDI solutions within Zetra. Darwin is used for the after-sales deliveries of rims and tires from BMW. Darwin is a complete B2B order processing solution and allows Zetra electronic to receive orders and send shipping messages (ASN) and invoices

Wil Vinclair, managing director of Zetra.

“The cooperation with OMS International was beneficial and reliable for Zetra, we had short and direct communication lines with OMS International, in short we are very satisfied!”


The use of fully integrated EDI for the after-sales process is a future desire of Zetra, according to Wil Vinclair. This enables Zetra to work more efficiently, more effectively and in a more service-oriented way with, among others BMW, without the intervention of human actions.