Pré Pain

Pré Pain sees added value in ESB architecture

Pré Pain is a professional bakery for bake-off bread products, which are supplied to the (inter) national food retail and food service market. They do this with a state-of-the-art bakery where 10 baking lines run continuously (24/7 and 365 days a year) to make a wide range of bake-off products.

The full service concept of Pré Pain means, among other things, that the bake-off products are stored in their own cold store (with 12,000 pallet locations) before they are delivered to a large number of customers in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Pré Pain also has its own fresh bakery where fresh baked products are made. These fresh products are delivered daily to customers in the Netherlands. The company has been part of Aryzta since 2015.

IT manager Philip Bekkers wanted a partner in EDI who can help Pré Pain to digitize the processes, both internally and externally.

Digital transactions

Delivery in the food sector requires accurate digital transactions of orders, delivery notes and invoices. “Within Pré Pain, EDI has been used for a long time for ORDERS, ORDRSP and DESADV,” said Philip Bekkers. The wish was a solution whereby customers and suppliers can be connected (on the one hand) and (on the other) internal processes can be (further) digitized and optimized. There was also a need for good practical support. “We want to prevent that orders are refused or that no orders are received at all,” says Bekkers.

We have found a partner in OMS to be able to further digitize our processes, so that the systems can work independently of the type and type of messages ”, says Bekkers

Enterprise Service Bus

OMS has implemented ODEX according to a so-called Enterprise Service Bus architecture. All data communication between the under laying internal systems and the external trading partners is handled through a middleware solution, hosted at OMS International. Because services are available at a central level and are easily accessible, they can be applied more quickly in other systems.


Pré Pain is very satisfied with the collaboration with OMS. “EDI is complex and you always come across something, that is inevitable,” says Philip. “The transition to the new system had a major impact, because our production is running continuously. OMS has done an extensive preliminary investigation and added an extra piece of software based on that investigation. There were a few minor technical problems when going live, but they were resolved seriously and quickly.”

“For us, technical stability and support were very important throughout this process,” said Philip Bekkers. “And OMS has met that criteria”. The project only took 2 months to finalize, from initialization to completion, involving various OMS consultants.


OMS International will continue to support Pré Pain in the coming period as a partner (and specialist) in the field of digitization and process optimization. “In the future, Pré Pain wants to manage primarily on availability. Digital tracking of stocks in the various cold stores is the first on the wish list. This allows Pré Pain to respond better and faster to changes in the market and within the organization. Pré Pain also wishes to start with E-invoicing in the near future.