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Transform PDF or UBL files

Do you regularly receive PDF files that require manual processing? For many organizations, the switch to EDI is not an immediate option, which means, for example, invoices are still sent in PDF format. Manually processing these documents is time-consuming and error-prone. No wonder you want to get away from that.

OMS International offers you the solution. With our PDF-to-EDI software you process these files fully automatically. Say goodbye to labor-intensive processing and eliminate the chance of human error. – Discover the seamless transition to automated document processing with our reliable PDF-to-EDI solution.

What is PDF-to-EDI?

With our PDF-to-EDI software you effectively process large numbers of PDF documents. All with an impressive accuracy rate of almost 100%!

If the software is not able to process a document directly, a validation process will automatically follow to achieve 100% recognition.

How does it work?

PDF-to-EDI uses advanced text recognition techniques to extract information from PDF files, regardless of how it is delivered (email, SFTP, API). We find the solution that suits your organization best.

The recognition process goes beyond conventional Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Thanks to Machine Learning, the software learns from any errors, making it increasingly better at recognizing the required data.

Once all relevant data has been identified, specific fields are checked, such as amounts, addresses, IBAN and Chamber of Commerce number. After this check, PDF-to-EDI converts everything into the desired EDI format, or any other structured format, such as XML.

Finally, the transformed data is processed in your system through your EDI connection. If you do not yet have an EDI connection, OMS International can of course also help you with this.

As a leader in indoor air climates, Vasco optimizes its supply chain with EDI. We use PDF-to-EDI software to enable our distributors to benefit from this efficient technology at a low cost. We are very pleased with the results and it has had a significant positive impact on the way we work with our suppliers and customers.
Hans Steenbreker, IT Director Vasco, Member of the IT Board Arbonia HVAC

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  • Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, freeing up valuable resources and providing significant cost savings. In addition, you avoid personnel challenges during peaks, holidays or illness.
  • Data transmission accuracy is dramatically improved by minimizing human error. This avoids valuable hours spent fixing errors.
  • Real-time data processing ensures smooth communication with your supply chain partners, minimizing delays and misunderstandings in your supply chain. This results in a more efficient and streamlined collaboration process. This way you can process orders faster, so that you get paid faster and are able to pay your supply chain partners’ invoices faster (and perhaps negotiate a discount this way).
  • The transformed PDF-to-EDI data enters your systems via the same EDI connection as the structured, electronic data. This way you don’t have to go through a complicated, technical project and you can start straight away.


PDF to EDI software

Easily convert PDF files to EDI or any other desired format

Do you want more information about PDF-to-EDI software?

Our EDI experts are happy to help.

EDI data exchange

As an EDI specialist with more than 30 years of experience, you can of course also contact OMS International for EDI communication with your supply chain partners. This can be done in various ways, depending on your organization, processes and systems.

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