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PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online)

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL is a European standard for E-invoicing, E-procurement and E-ordering. Using PEPPOL, you can do business throughout Europe, regardless of underlying software and without human interaction.

As of 1 January 2017, Dutch and Belgian suppliers are required to electronically send their invoices to public bodies, using PEPPOL. Other European countries will follow quickly. In short, for European B2B and B2G communication, access to PEPPOL is becoming more and more necessary.

How does PEPPOL Work?

PEPPOL does not change anything about existing technologies for electronic messaging. In order to communicate using PEPPOL, an access point is used. An access point is provided by a Billing Service Provider (BSP) that manages the registration of access point providers. Registration on the network is based on (unique) ID numbers such as Chamber of Commerce or VAT numbers, IBAN numbers and Governmental Organization numbers (OIN). Buyers and suppliers with an access point, national or international, can then contact one another.

PEPPOL access point

A PEPPOL access point is required to communicate via the PEPPOL network. A Billing Service Provider (BSP) provides an access point. They check the registration of PEPPOL access point providers.

PEPPOL automatically detects whether the recipient is able to receive electronic documents via the network. Your documents and invoices can be imported and sent completely automatically using your ERP system or bookkeeping software. An advantage is that additional information can also be sent, allowing you to include a catalogue with an order for instance.

PEPPOL supplier: We arrange your connection

OMS International’s software provides you with a PEPPOL access point. We consider PEPPOL to be part of our core competency, and our EDI experts have time-tested knowledge and experience in the field of E-procurement.

If you do not want to make use of PEPPOL, we can offer other solutions for international messaging. In any case, we will ensure that your international B2B and B2G communication is optimized.

The advantages of PEPPOL

There are different reasons to register your company on the PEPPOL network. Security and safety are the most important advantages.

Certainty that invoices are received
With PEPPOL an invoice directly ends in the accounting system of the receiving company, so not in a physical mailbox or e-mailbox. In this way you know for sure that your invoice will arrive at the right place with your customer.

Mandatory when doing business with (local) government
Since January 1st 2017 it is mandatory for companies that invoice the (central) government to do this via a secure network. As from April 2019 municipalities, like other governmental authorities, only will accept e-invoices.

Faster invoice processing
Because invoices end up directly in the administration of the receiving company, no manual actions are necessary and thus the processing of the invoices will be faster. This increases the chance that your customer will pay your invoices faster.

Manipulation banned
Ghost invoices are very annoying and almost indistinguishable from real invoices. Within the PEPPOL network all senders and receivers are validated and sending or receiving ghost invoices is a lot harder.

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