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EDI Workstation


What is it?

Darwin is a standalone EDI solution for (smaller) businesses that want to make use of electronic data communication but do not, for example, have an ERP system at their disposal or do not want to integrate their data traffic.

How does it work?

DARWIN gives you everything needed out of the box to comply fully with your customers’ EDI processes. DARWIN translates all your EDI messages for you so that you can easily read or print them. It supports various message standards (such as ODETTE, VDA, EDIFACT, ANSI and EAN) and communication protocols (such as (S)FTP, AS2, OFTP(2) and X.25).

All you need is an Internet connection. DARWIN will take care of the rest. This standalone solution is already widely used in the automotive industry.

DARWIN features

If you choose to use Darwin, you will not have to invest in EDI integration in your ERP software. The only costs are for installation and licensing. In addition, you will pay a monthly fee for data traffic if you also make use of DINET. If the system is implemented across the board, you will save on administrative costs as well as logistical process costs. You will be able to reduce your inventory, payments can be made earlier and you will be able to react more quickly to changes in the market.

Would you like more information about DARWIN, the EDI Workstation?

Our EDI experts are happy to help.

Darwin 4.5 capabilities make your business run seamlessly, allowing you to:

  • Receive and view Orders and Forecasts
  • Despatch verification (barcode scanner supported)
  • Despatch advice / ASN creation
  • Transport labels
  • Printed reports
  • Automatic despatch packaging creation
  • Preconfigured trading partners
  • Customisable business rules
  • Consistent views
  • Integration – MMOG/LE compliant
  • OFTP2 – ODETTE Certified

OFTP2 – ODETTE certified
Darwin is fully compliant with the OFTP2 specification. It has also been certified by ODETTE (the European EDI standards body) as being fully compatible and interoperable with other ODETTE-certified OFTP2 solutions.

GS1 certified
Darwin meets the GS1 requirements of an automated Order-To-Cash application. It allows you to get rid of paper-based orders, delivery notes and invoices and replace them with industry standard electronic messages.

Despatch advice / ASN creation
Darwin creates despatch advices / ASNs in the designated format of your trading partners using the information contained in your orders. You simply select an order and despatch it, and all the packaging information is automatically created for you by Darwin based on business logic that you pre-configured. There is no need to continuously re-key packaging information every time you create a despatch.

Darwin lets you conduct business with multiple trading partners using a single, consistent user interface. Rather than using a variety of different web based systems for each trading partner, with different interfaces and varying levels of support, Darwin lets you use a single, consistent interface to trade with your trading partners.

Preconfigured trading partners
Darwin is preconfigured to work with lots of trading partners in the retail and automotive sectors. All the message definitions for each trading partner are preconfigured, along with all the known packaging, EDI codes, plant locations and reports required for a successful business relationship with your trading partners. This removes the need to manually type such information into the system.

Integration and MMOG/LE compliance

For larger companies, Darwin lets you integrate with your ERP, Accounting or other internal systems to avoid manually re-keying business documents. Integration is via raw EDI, XML or CSV files, with data able to be both imported and exported. Despatch & Invoice documents can be both imported and exported; Forecasts and Orders can only be exported.

The MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guidelines / Logistics Evaluation) process adopted by the automotive industry requires that suppliers must be able to receive electronic planning and shipping information and to integrate the information to an internal system to avoid the re-keying of data.

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