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Our approach

With Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you can integrate your systems and business processes more optimally with those of your business partners. The result? Fewer mistakes and a better overview. You will get a good idea of how aspects of your business processes perform, and can take action accordingly. As a result, an investment in EDI quickly pays for itself.

White paper: EDI guide for a successful implementation

Do you want to introduce EDI in your organization? Then it is important to create a clear plan. Read in our guide how to achieve a successful EDI implementation in 10 effective steps.

OMS Roadmap for EDI starters

Are you still new to EDI? Do your customers and suppliers want to exchange information electronically, and are you not sure how to go about it? EDI can be a little confusing for newcomers. OMS International has the knowledge and expertise to advise and support you. We can implement the EDI solutions of your choice within your organization. Together with you, we will implement a digital transformation of your organization, and optimize your business processes.

  1. Insight into the current situation; what changes are desired?
  2. Selecting an EDI solution that matches your organization
  3. Assigning a project manager From within your own organization or from OMS
  4. Installing (and possibly integrating) the necessary EDI software
  5. Requesting message specifications from business partner(s)
  6. Creating and installing the message
  7. Testing whether everything works
  8. Follow-up (support)

OMS Roadmap for advanced EDI

Have you already begun using EDI, and can you no longer see the forest for the trees? Is your EDI environment difficult to manage, and do you want a hand restructuring it? Or is your current system outdated, and would you like expert advice on alternatives? OMS International has the knowledge and expertise in order to offer you advice and support.

  1. On-site research
    What is currently being used, what works, what does not, and what is it you want to achieve?
  2. Creating OMS advice including points for improvement
    This includes how implementing this advice will benefit your organization and how much it will cost
  3. Assigning a project manager
    From within your own organization or from OMS
  4. Implementing advice in whatever form
    Your current EDI solution as the foundation, or an entirely new solution? We implement the advice within your organization
  5. Testing whether everything works
  6. Follow-up (support) and documentation


There is still work to do once you have chosen an EDI solution. Your business partners will have to be informed of and connected to your chosen solution. This is called “”onboarding””. Onboarding can take time. For example, how can you convince business partners of the added value of your choice? We have a lot of experience in this matter, and would be happy to help.

Do you just want practical support during the onboarding process? A couple of extra hands to get the job done? OMS International can help you here too.

Managed EDI

OMS International has over 30 years’ experience in the field of Managed EDI. With our EDI services, we take care of all your EDI needs. We do what we do best so you can concentrate on your core business.

OMS International recognizes the importance of reliable EDI environments, and we know what the consequences of malfunctions are. When drawing up the OMS Managed Services agreement, it is assumed that there is a stable EDI environment. With a few system adjustments, we make your EDI configuration suitable for monitoring. We check whether the message flows are effective, make proactive changes, maintain certificates and get in touch with your business partners if they need to be updated. This means that EDI message flows continue to operate without you having to worry about it.

Together with you, we will determine the level of our Managed EDI services and the work we will carry out for you. You will then give us functional and technical control over your EDI environment for a monthly fee agreed in advance.

OMS Managed EDI can consist of:

Proactive monitoring
Daily reports
Remote support software
Updating certificates
Daily control of your EDI system
Telephone support
Maintaining operational business partner connections
Limited adjustments in existing ‘mappings

OMS Outsourcing & Consultancy

Our specialists and consultants – technical, functional and business experts – all have years of experience with complex EDI projects in a range of environments with dozens of clients. Real specialists who know what they are doing and who can proudly look back on successful projects.

OMS International’s experts and consultants will also be happy to put their expertise to use for you. They can do so for a one-off consultation on a specific ICT problem, but also for longer projects. For example, they can act as project leader while implementing your chosen EDI solution, or by supporting you during onboarding; getting your business partners on board.

Would you like to know more about what OMS International can offer in terms of consultancy and outsourcing? Our EDI experts are happy to help.

Contact us!

Would you like to know more about what OMS International can offer in terms of consultancy and outsourcing? Our EDI experts are happy to help.