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EDI Cloud solutions

Cloud Based EDI = SaaS

What is it?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an EDI solution in which all electronic data communication is cloud-based. An EDI cloud solution is suitable for businesses that want to make the transition to EDI, but do not want to invest in the hardware, software and links to other networks.

How does it work?

An EDI cloud solution offers a simple and effective way of facilitating electronic data communication between you and your business partners. This solution offers you all the benefits of EDI, but you only have to pay for actual use and the one-off creation of mapping and conversion tables.

Our integrated SaaS EDI Cloud environment gives you control of the order process with business partners and allows you to work more efficiently, effectively and service-oriented without human interaction. And you do not need any in-house EDI expertise.

Whether you are just getting started with EDI, or already have an EDI platform set up and are thinking about making the transition to an EDI environment in the Cloud: OMS International offers you this possibility. We will help you set up and administer this EDI platform and support you once you are live.

Would you like more information about SaaS, our EDI Cloud solution?

Our EDI experts are happy to help.