Cirex is an important supplier for the car and truck industry. EDI is commonplace in this industry, without EDI you cannot do business in this industry. In this case, our client Cirex provides insight into the use of EDI within their own organization and the cooperation with OMS.


For the industry CIREX produces components and parts from steel. From (product)development up to production CIREX cocreates and coworks as a partner for her customers. For almost all brands in the international car- and truckindustry CIREX produces differtent parts for engines, gearboxes and chassis.


Cirex is one of the larger “lost wax” foundries in the world. Jeroen Schabbink (logistics manager) explains: “that is why we are capable to produce parts with an extremely high size tollerance and complex design. With this method we also offer the possibility to process castings with specific demands en wishes. In this way we can provide customization.”

EDI and automotive

In automotive EDI is already common for years. Schabbink: “if you want to supply to the important players in this segment, than EDI is a must”. CIREX started quite some years ago with EDI, together with OMS. Initialy to be able to process orders, order confirmations and delivery notes flawlessly and directly from the ERP system. Recently digital invoicing was added as well.

The moulds are being heated (1000 °C), next filled with liquid steel and moved with the help of robots. Finally the moulds are cooled down (left on the picture).

Cooperation with OMS

About the cooperation with OMS, that is running already for years, Jeroen Schabbink says: “the communication with the consultants is satisfactory. They respond very quickly.” CIREX started with ODEX as an EDI solution. Later they switched to EDI-Cloud. “As there are so many ERP software solutions it is a challenge to convert the right data from all those systems in such a way that they end in the right way in the ERP system of the other party. With the cloud solution “DINET” it works so much easier, according to Jeroen Schabbink.

OMS International offers quality and continuity through various EDI support agreements. CIREX uses Managed Services. The goal of Managed Services is to relieve CIREX in the field of EDI messaging. The functional and technical management of the EDI environment is transfered to OMS International for a prior agreed amount per month. Managed Services brings CIREX higher efficiency, continuity and a predictable cost patern. OMS International monitors the EDI messages daily, so any problems will be solved directly.


Chain integration by connecting systems of different companies creates possibilities. For example connecting logistic suppliers, sending digital invoices and/or exchanging of e.g. Autocad files. Next to that the higher customer service level attractsnew customers and it increases the order volume of excisting customers.

“Working with EDI gives more insights” says Jeroen Schabbink. “E-invoicing ensures the invoicing going completely automated. You exactly know what to expect. Although it was seen and experienced as “we have to”, we now also see the advantages.”