In order to provide optimum service and to optimally use its capacity in the field of glass logistics, Nijman/Zeetank uses a customer-specific SAP interface. This interface, which has been running without problems for years, has been supplied and programmed by OMS International.

Nijman/Zeetank is a logistics service partner that offers e.g. glass logistics. Next to the specialised glass transport, Nijman/Zeetank also takes are of the entire logistic handling process of glass in the production plant and warehouse of their customer. The glass is managed and processed directly coming out of the production with help of a warehousing and distribution system.

For the order processing Nijman/Zeetank uses an advanced computer system that is fully connected to the system of the customer through a SAP-certified interface. This interface is necessary to communicate with the system of the customer. OMS International has programmed and supplied this interface. In this way this system enables an optimal use of the capacity. The invoicing process is also fully automated due to the SAP interface connection.

The advantage

“The advantage of this interface is that the shipments no longer need to be made in SAP, but can be made in our systems. The customer does not have to enter anything but we will do that. The interface is thus an important part of the communication with customers”, according to Jos Janmaat of Nijman/Zeetank.

“The SAP interface via ODEX is an important part of the communication with customers”
Jos Janmaat, IT manager

“At the time, we wanted to migrate to one software package: Dynamics NAV. This package offers the possibility to add a transport module. To be able to communicate with our customers’ SAP system from our own package, a specific solution was needed. One of our suppliers indicated that OMS could provide an interface with which this communication would work well. That is how we came into contact with OMS ”.


Already since 2009 the communication software ODEX is running at Nijman/Zeetank without any problem worth mentioning and the cooperation with OMS is satisfactorily. Jos: “OMS consultant Erik Nieuwkoop then programmed the interface and it runs flawlessly. Only when a new version or an upgrade is needed, we have to be sure that no problems occur. Until now it all went very smooth. In short we are satisfied with the cooperation”.


For more than sixty years, Nijman/Zeetank has been a reliable partner in the field of transport and logistics services for chemical liquids, fuels, mineral oils, cryogenic gases and glass. With its headquarters in Spijkenisse and branches in Poland, Germany and Great Britain, Nijman/Zeetank has entire North-West Europe as its working area. With a modern fleet that is connected via data communication, they ensure that they relieve customers.

Relieving customers

The logistics solutions Nijman/Zeetank is offering its customers include not only glass logistics and intermodal transport (road, water, rail) of chemical liquids (ADR and non-ADR), but also the storage and transfer of liquids and hazardous substances. In Spijkenisse they have facilities for storing, filling and heating of tank containers. In addition, Nijman/Zeetank provides almost the entire logistics process for many customers. Up to and including import and export documents and customs clearance of goods.

Nijman / Zeetank uses around 600 of its own tank containers for intermodal transport. In addition, tank containers are hired because of the flexibility and to be able to accommodate peaks in demand. Special trailers, so-called collectors, are used for glass transport. These trailers drive over the glass stands. The frames then are picked up by the trailer and the glass frame with the glass is properly and securely fixed by means of stamps, so that the glass arrives at the destination undamaged.