Vercauteren Transport

E-invoicing using OMSconnect

The use of E-invoicing resulted in a greatly reduced circulation time of invoices and a significantly shorter payment period for Vercauteren Transport. The risk of errors or loss of invoices has also fallen drastically. Thanks to the simplicity of OMSconnect and seamless implementation, the switch from traditional paper invoices to e-invoices was made quickly and easily.


Since the start in 1974 Vercauteren Transport is a fixed value for the automotive sector. With 21 trucks and approximately 70 mega-trailers, Vercauteren Transport transports freight and parts for customers throughout the Benelux and Germany, including the Volvo Group. Thus the company has more than 40 years of experience in the automotive sector.

Manual processing

Since May of this year, Vercauteren Transport from Lokeren (B) is using OMSconnect to send invoices directly to Volvo Group via EDI. Until the beginning of this year, they used Excel and e-mail to send their invoices to the Volvo Group. The files had to be edited first and then manually entered into the Volvo Group systems. Not only did this take a lot of time, mistakes were made and data was lost. Therefore invoices were paid not or partially, or (much) too late.


Bart Vercauteren contacted OMS International by the end of 2017 with the request to help him. The solution from the problem was OMSconnect , a portal that enables organizations to send and receive electronic messages without the need to have a complete EDI environment. The collaboration with OMS has been very pleasant for Bart Vercauteren: “I only had one dedicated contact person. OMS has done all the communication with the Volvo Group. I did not have to do anything”.

The system has been set up, thoroughly tested and implemented afterwards. After the implementation, Vercauteren did not have to much.

“The system is actually very simple. After a brief instruction we just could work like we were used to. The system ensures the translation to the right format”

Bart Vercauteren


The big advantage of e-invoicing is that the invoices are immediately loaded into the system of the receiving organization. And that has many advantages: “The speed of processing of the invoices has increased, there is no longer any risk that invoices are lost, the turnover rate is greatly shortened and the payment period of the invoices is as it should be”, says a Bart Vercauteren.

Plug & play

OMSconnect is the plug & play solution for the automotive sector. With this solution it is possible to send, convert and receive all message standards for e-invoicing and other digital documents (packing slips, orders, documentation, notifications, etc.). Via the systems of the web portal, the documents end up with the correct specifications in the underlying software. This is fast, efficient and without risk of errors.

Quickly and efficient

Via OMSconnect you can make the switch to e-invoicing quickly and efficient. It is also possible to integrate the web portal – in your own look and feel – into your website. If necessary, we also help to connect suppliers to the portal and to become familiar with OMSconnect.