Machine Factory Elburg

A minimal stock, high flexibility, 100% reliability in delivery reliability and short lead times. Thanks to the EDI solutions of OMS International, Machinefabriek Elburg can achieve this. This makes it a leading and reliable partner for companies in the automotive industry.

Machine factory Elburg has been using DARWIN from OMS International since 2004. DARWIN is a stand-alone EDI solution that offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to meet the EDI requirements and wishes of their customers. DARWIN can handle the entire process, from order, shipping advice, packing slip, label up to invoice. Because ERP is often leading within organizations, at Machinefabriek Elburg the data was manually transferred from DARWIN to the ERP software. Not only is this time-consuming and inefficient, but the chance of (typing) errors is also considerable.

Digital streamlining

After an upgrade of the ERP software, OMS International has advised Machinefabriek Elburg to automate the manual transfer of DARWIN into the ERP. This was quite easy by connecting ODEX and Xlate. As a result, the received data is split, whereby part of the data is sent directly to the ERP and automatically read there. The other part of the data is handled by DARWIN. “It is quite convenience. With a touch of a button, wait a few minutes and all data is up-to-date, “says Lynn Ponstein, logistics and customer service employee at Machinefabriek Elburg.

Thanks to EDI, it is possible to respond quickly to changes made by the customer. For Machinefabriek Elburg, a minimal stock, high flexibility, 100% reliability in delivery and short lead times are very important. Thanks to the implemented EDI solutions, they are able to realize this. The digital streamlining of the processes ensures that a smooth progress of orders can be guaranteed.

Just-in-time production

The processing of products is done just-in-time. “This allows us to deliver efficiently, cost-consciously and on time,” says Lynn Ponstein. In addition to EDI, a unique Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is used for this. An automated loading system that controls five separate machining centers (including turning and milling machines)

Not only can customer’s orders be imported quickly and easily via EDI, but also the shipping messages (if the goods go with the carrier) and invoices can be sent digitally to customer DAF. An additional possibility that Machinefabriek Elburg uses is printing labels for the pallets and the generation of picking lists. “The picking lists and labels go to the logistics department, so that colleagues there know what needs to be transported. The labels are applied to the pallets”. DARWIN is very user-friendly for order picking. The screens are very clear and easy to operate. Packing slips and labels are created with a touch of a button.

For the automotive sector

DARWIN is configured to work with many trading partners in the automotive sector. All message definitions for each trading partner are pre-configured, along with all known packages, EDI codes, factory locations and reports that are required for a successful business relationship with your trading partners.

Already a long time, Machinefabriek Elburg is fully using the knowledge and solutions of OMS International. “The software works great. The few times that I need help from OMS is when changes are made to articles by the customer” Lynn says.

Machinefabriek Elburg is a specialist in machining castings, supplying precise turning and milling parts and assembled products. They manufacture semi-finished products for applications in trucks, engines, compressors, pumps, agriculture and oil & gas. Her years of experience ensure that MFE exports its products worldwide. As a result, it has built up a strong position on the European market.