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EDI translation software

XLATE Evolution (XE)

What is it?

XLATE Evolution is powerful EDI translation software. This software allows various message standards and versions, such as ODETTE, VDA, EDIFACT, ANSI and EAN, to communicate with one another. This ‘translation’ is also known as ‘mapping’.

How does it work?

The various messages you get from your business partners – such as orders, invoices and packing slips – are translated by the translation software into the message you desire, including all specifications. This means that the various messages are always readable.

XLATE Evolution (XE) functionalities

XLATE Evolution means that EDI remains separate from your application environment, making it easy to manage. You use standard translation software, so you are guaranteed maintenance and support from a professional team. X-LATE Evolution is a future-proof solution, so you will ultimately save on costs. XLATE Evolution is scalable, and is therefore suitable for both large and small businesses.

Would you like more information about XLATE Evolution, our EDI translation software?

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